Glubbel - the world's first sparkling glühwein

Do you like Glühwein? Do you like bubbles? GLUBBEL is an award-winning product that combines the best of two worlds a Christmassy taste of glühwein and festivity of sparkling wine. Recipe is simple: Glühwein + Bubbles = GLUBBEL.

In many countries it is a tradition to drink hot drinks like glögg, glühwein or mulled wine during the Winter Season. We thought that this needed to be spiced up and created a new way to drink Glühwein, cold and bubbly! Idea was born when we served to our guest a mixture of glühwein and sparkling wine as a Christmas drink, says founder and CEO of the company Anette Raunio

The product was first launched in Scandinavia 2015 and it became an instant hit. It has won multiple wine awards and is now launched also into German market.

Glubbel Sparkling Glühwein - Anette & Juha-Matti Raunio

Traditional glühwein has double the sugar (g/l) compared to Sparkling Glühwein. Our goal was to create low sugar version of glühwein without being too bitter. We think we nailed it quite nicely and Glubbel has won many awards including bronze for its recipe at IWSC 2020, Juha-Matti Raunio explains the process behind the product development.

Special occasions deserve special toasts. As Winters are getting warmer and warmer people are looking new ways to have a Christmassy toast either at home or at traditional Christmas markets. We are positive that sparkling glühwein will find its fans also here in Germany, Anette Raunio continues.

Glubbel - Sparkling Glühwein drink

TASTE: The flavor is open and full of sweet berries. You can find the fragrances of cinnamon, ginger, orange, strawberry and lemon. The taste is semi-dry that echoes the fragrances, with fresh orange and sweet spices. Perky bubbles add acidity, making the wine balanced and lively, regardless of the semi-dryness. The after taste is cinnamon and other seasonal spices that last.

SUGAR: 48g/l

SERVING: Always served chilled. Ideal between 6°C to 10°C from the champagne glass.

APPEARANCE: GLUBBEL sparkling Glühwein comes in an intense color, the exact same color as the packaging covering the bottle, a bright, intense, and reddish pink.

AWARDS: IWSC 2020 Bronze and Women’s Wine Awards gold 2020

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