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24 days, 24 deals! Check back each day for a new offer and some tips and tricks on how to make this Christmas a little cozier with tasty Nordic beverages. Gift ideas, recipes, practical tips, and more for the Christmas season coming your way up until Christmas Eve!

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1st of December

No Christmas is complete without glögg, the Nordic sister of glühwein. Grab our five tips on preparing glögg below and stock up on Blossa Starkvinsglögg, the glögg closest to German glühwein, for Christmas. Buy 4 and pay 3 deal on Blossa Starkvinsglögg only today. The discount will be automatically applied when you place 4 Starkvinsglöggs to your cart. 

5 tips for the preparation of glögg

New to glögg? Read these five basic rules of thumb to have a tasty glögg experience.

2nd of December

Blossa's Christmas gift to glögg fans is the annual glögg that every year travels to different corners of the world seeking inspiration. This year's limited-edition glögg is inspired by New Orleans and pays tribute to the birthplace of jazz and the Hurricane cocktail. Get -15% on Blossa 22 today and enjoy the annual glögg cold, warm or as a Hurricane cocktail this Christmas.

Blossa 22 Hurricane Spritz

Blossa 22 was inspired by the Hurricane cocktail invented in New Orleans so only fitting to make this specific cocktail out of it.

3rd of December

Finding the perfect gift might be the toughest task of Christmas. We're here to help and if you need some inspiration, have a look at our Gift Guide or make your own cocktail kits with our tips below. To give you a head start to gift shopping, today you'll get a 10€ discount when you shop with 50€ or more. The discount will be automatically applied in the cart.

Making cocktail kit gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for a cocktail enthusiast? Grab our tips on how to make easy cocktail kits with three examples.

4th of December

Christmas festivities are approaching and in Scandinavia a Christmas menu is hardly complete without aquavit, commonly referred to as schnaps. Grab a -20% discount today on all aquavits (excluding miniatures) and read our Christmas Schnaps Guide to learn how to match aquavit with different kinds of Christmas food.

Christmas Schnaps Guide

Spiced spirits’ best feature is that they enhance flavors. Read our guide to find out the best kind of schnaps for different kinds of Christmas food so you can take the flavors in both food and drink to new heights.

5th of December

Christmas is the time to indulge in some tasty holiday-inspired desserts. And what better way to add a little Christmas flavor into baked goods than infusing them with glögg! Grab Blossa Chief Blender's favorite Christmas recipe below and get cozy and stock up on Blossa Vinglögg. Get 4 Vinglöggs for the price of 3 today. The discount will be automatically applied in the cart.

Blossa Brownies

Blossa Chief Blender Åsa Orsvärn’s favorite dessert recipe! These brownies made with Blossa Vinglögg and cranberries practically melt in your mouth.

6th of December

It's Finland's Independence Day today and time for a toast! Grab some bubbly for your next get-together with friends or family. Get 20% off on Blossa's sparkling glögg, Sparkling & Spices Citrus, today and while you're at it grab our tips for creating a tasty cheese tray so you have something to snack on too!

Setting up a cheese tray your guests will love

A cheese tray with lots of good flavors is guaranteed to be a hit among the guests. After all, you can't go wrong with the combination of bubbly and tasty snacks. Read our practical tips on setting up a cheese tray.

7th of December

Strolling through a snow-covered forest and stopping to grill some sausages and enjoy hot cocoa is a popular Nordic winter activity and for good reason! Who wouldn't want to enjoy delicious hot chocolate by the fire. Hot chocolate is also the perfect drink to spice up with some liqueur, like our bestseller Koskenkorva Salmiakki. Today we'll be gifting a traditional wooden cup called a kuksa with every purchase of 2 Koskenkorva Salmiakkis - perfect for those winter forest strolls. We have a limited amount of kuksas so be quick!

The best Nordic winter drinks

The winters in the North are dark, cold and long. No wonder Nordic people have developed a set of winter drinks, that'll keep them warm and happy during the endless winter months.

8th of December

While warm, cozy drinks such as glögg taste amazing during winter, who doesn’t love a good cocktail – whatever the season! Today we’re sharing tips on how to add a festive pop of color to your drinks by making Christmassy ice cubes. And to get you in the party spirit, all gins (excl. miniatures) are -15% only today! Shop our selection of Nordic gins for your home bar or under the tree. Cheers!

Christmas Ice Cubes

Add a festive twist to your holiday drinks by making Christmas ice cubes. Not only will they keep your favorite beverage cool, but they also look amazing and will add some extra flavor. 

9th of December

Are you hosting a larger group of guests this Christmas? Then the 2L Blossa Vinglögg bag-in-box might be just what you're looking for! Get more glögg for less today as we've discounted the product with 20%. Glögg can also be enjoyed cold and in cocktails, grab our Blossa Sangria recipe below and serve a delicious punch this Christmas.

Blossa Glögg Sangria

Try this easy, wintry sangria - you won't be sorry! It's a great option when you want a little variety to winter's warm drinks but don't want to lose the Christmas flavors.

10th of December

Glubbel is the world's first sparkling glühwein and became an instant hit when launched in Scandinavia. If you have yet to try this award-winning product or have already fallen in love with it, now is the perfect time to stock up on bubbly glühwein. Get 4 bottles of Glubbel for the price of 3 only today. The discount will be automatically applied in the shopping cart. Psst! Glubbel can also be used in making tasty desserts such as pannacotta.

Glubbel Pannacotta

This just might be the highlight of your Christmas menu. A delicious pannacotta that gets its beautiful red layer from Glubbel Sparkling Glühwein.

11th of December

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? We sure are! Today we’re sharing one of our favorite Christmas activities with you – making Christmas wreaths. Wreaths are such a wonderful way of adding a welcoming touch and holiday spirit to your home. So, invite your friends over, have some tasty drinks available, and make Christmas wreaths together. To get the wreath making party going, you’ll get a 10€ discount on your order when you shop with 60€ or more. The discount will be automatically applied in the shopping cart.

Make your own Christmas wreath

Making your own Christmas wreath is a fun Christmas activity and not as difficult as you might think. Read our guide and learn how to make your own Christmas wreath.

12th of December

Cognac and celebrations go hand in hand and if Christmas isn’t a reason to celebrate, we don’t know what is. In Scandinavia, cognac is typically served as an avec with coffee at the end of a (Christmas) dinner. But cognac isn’t just for after-dinner sipping but also makes for an excellent base for aperitifs and cocktails. Try our Old Fashioned made from Larsen Aqua Ignis and enjoy a -20% discount on all cognacs today!

Old Fashioned

While you might be used to seeing an Old Fashioned be made from whisky or bourbon, we wager that the first Old Fashioned cocktails were made from cognac, a popular spirit of choice for cocktails in the 19th century. Learn how to make a superb Old Fashioned with Larsen Aqua Ignis.

13th of December

It’s St. Lucia’s Day – a midwinter celebration as integral to Scandinavia as glögg, midsummer and crayfish parties. Widely celebrated as the festival of light, Santa Lucia is all about peaceful joy in the form of candles, hymns, and treats. To combat the darkness, light a candle or two and enjoy warm glögg from the peace and comfort of your home. All Blossa glöggs are 15-20% off today!

Celebrating Lucia Day

Lucia Day celebrated annually on the 13th of December across Scandinavia is an atmospheric event with singing, a candle lit procession, and Christmassy treats. Learn more about the 400-year-old tradition and what the Lucia celebrations are all about.

14th of December

Glögg with Valhalla Herb Shot? Yes please! Our bestseller Valhalla is more versatile than you think. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in tasty cocktails such as the warm Valhalla Glögg. And since we’re feeling extra festive today, we’re gifting 2 metallic Valhalla shot glasses when you purchase a Valhalla 1L bottle. If you’re still missing a Christmas present for that special someone, this might be your lucky day!

*Please note that the shot glasses will not show in the shopping cart but will be added to each eligible order at our warehouse. Max. 10 shot glasses per order.

Valhalla Glögg

Who knew Valhalla and glögg go so well together! Valhalla adds a nice herbal touch to glögg and in an instant your regular cup of Nordic glühwein is not so regular anymore.

15th of December

We’re back with another baking tip! This time we’re making chocolate truffles with Blossa Organic Vinglögg which are guaranteed to melt in your mouth. They are the perfect little treat when you’re craving something sweet so put your baker’s hat on (real or imaginary) and get baking. You’ll get 4 bottles of Blossa Organic Vinglögg for the price of 3 today – it’s our treat to you! The discount will be automatically applied in the shopping cart. 

Chocolate truffles with glögg

Indulge in these rich chocolate truffles with a hint of glögg this Christmas. Enjoy with a cup of warm glögg or make a batch to give as a gift.

16th of December

Christmas is the season of gift giving and with that comes the task of gift wrapping! Some love it, some fear it. If you’ve ever wondered how to gift wrap a bottle beautifully and easily you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re sharing our three tips on how to gift wrap a bottle like a pro. And if you’re still missing a gift or two, we’re giving you a 10€ discount today when you shop with 60€ or more. Discount will be automatically applied in the shopping cart.

3 ways to gift wrap a bottle

Not sure how to turn a bottle into a beautifully wrapped gift? Right this way, please. Have a look at our three gift wrapping ideas for a bottle (or two!) and wow the receivers this Christmas.

17th of December

Only a week until Christmas Eve! Is your Christmas menu already planned? If not, we got an amazing dessert recommendation in store for you today. Get the recipe for a beautiful Glühwein-flavored cheesecake with a gingerbread base that’s perfect for Christmas celebrations. And as the holidays are right around the corner, get free shipping for your order today when you shop with 30€ or more. 

Glubbel Cheesecake

This gorgeous Glühwein-flavored cheesecake is full of tasty Christmas spices. Serve with Glubbel Sparkling Glühwein, of course!

18th of December

Today we’ll be sharing one of our go-to Christmas cocktails with you, namely the Winter Tonic. It’s a spicy and wintry cocktail that’s quick and simple to prepare – everything you’d want for a holiday season cocktail! And as we’re on a gift-giving mood, we’ll be giving out Koskenkorva tote bags made from 100% recycled materials with every purchase of any two Koskenkorva products.

Winter Tonic

Mixed with the award-winning Koskenkorva Ginger and Blossa Vinglögg, this wintry cocktail is full of Christmas spices and feeling. Try it this holiday season! 

19th of December

Still on the hunt for Christmas gifts? If you find yourself lost, have a look at our three gift box ideas for some inspiration. Oh, and our gift guide is here to help as well! We’ve collected our favorite items for this holiday season so you can find the perfect drink more easily. All gift guide items are -15-20% today – happy shopping!

3 x gift box ideas

Creating a gift box is a great way to gift an experience and show you know the person and all the things he or she likes. Get inspired by our gift box ideas for three types of people!

20th of December

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve right around the corner, today’s tip is a practical one for the festive days ahead. Learn how to cool a drink in just 15 minutes with our tips and stock up on sparkling drinks for the holiday season. All bubbly drinks including Glubbel, Blossa Sparkling & Spices, and True Colours Cava are buy 4 pay 3 today!

How to cool a drink quickly

Guests are already at the door, and you forgot to put the drinks in the refrigerator well on time? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Grab our tips to cool a bottle in just 15 minutes.

21st of December

Only three nights until Christmas Eve! But the festivities and holiday spirit doesn’t have to stop there. Make sure you have everything you need for the final days of the year and the big New Year’s celebration. We’re discounting all Koskenkorva liqueurs today with 15%!

How to repurpose bottles

There are still some days until all the Christmas and New Year’s festivities, but we’re thinking a bit ahead. After the holiday festivities you might find empty glass bottles lying around the house and while recycling is a great option, you can also give them a second life with our easy repurposing tips!

22nd of December

We’re getting closer and closer to the main day, but we’re not quite done yet with our festive tips. Grab a simple yet delicious dessert recipe made with Blossa 22 New Orleans glögg below – it’s a good one! And since it’s day 22, enjoy of course a 22% discount on the annual 22’ version of Blossa glögg, inspired by the flavorful city of New Orleans.

Blossa 22 dessert

Make a tasty dessert with Blossa 22 – it’s simple but oh-so delicious! All you’ll need is Blossa 22, vanilla ice cream, raisins, and almonds.

23rd of December

Only one day before we quiet down to enjoy the holidays ahead. With that in mind we’d like to recommend you a festive cocktail to sip on during your next get-together or celebration. And if you’re looking for drinks to mix delicious cocktails out of during the vacation days, enjoy -20% on all Xanté liqueurs today. Stir it up!

Sour Spritzer

Elegant and festive drink for the celebration of the year – New Year’s Eve! This cocktail combines Xanté Sour & Pear with sparkling wine and it’s the perfect drink to toast with.

24th of December

It’s Christmas Eve and with that time for our Christmas Calendar to come to an end. We hope you’ve enjoyed the 24 days with us and have found inspiration for the festive season. Enjoy the holidays with friends and family, and a -15% discount with code XMAS15 – consider it our Christmas gift to you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Nordic Spirits team.

*The discount code is valid until 31.12.2022 and cannot be combined with other offers.

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